Is React killing Angular?

This topic became very popular lately, but for me this question sounds like did angularjs killed Jquery? The answer is No, Yes or May be Or even how can we measure the percentage of one library’s fall is due to some other library’s raise.

Angular and React are completely different instruments, but both are great for writing single-page applications. But before that lets bring the basic difference between Angular and React, which is that Angular is a Framework and Reactjs is a library

A Framework is, as I read somewhere — a ready made application missing just your business logic, i.e you just need to fill the gaps in the framework with your business logic, since it’ll handle lots of boilerplate code for you. For ex. parsing http parameters in servlets or reading cookies etc.

However, a library is a set of functions developed and grouped together which you can import into your application and call at your disposal.

Now, If we can generalize this question a bit like, Can a library beat framework ?

I don’t have an answer for that, but in my (developer) opinion any framework, library’s growth depends on how many active developers are there right now, and what is the growth percentage of new developers switching or learning these technologies per month.

But from Managers/entrepreneur’s (decision makers) point of view — It depends on what is that it is offering

  • Will it reduce my product development time?
  • will it reduce product development/testing cost?
  • Is there any support from framework developers in case of an unexpected issue?
  • Is there an active community around it?
  • Can I get a replacement for my top developer within time/price (i.e does it has a good developer base)

All these measures will be considered to decide whether should a company pick a framework/library for their next product.

Last 10 years statistics

Here is the stackOverflow’s trends on javascript frameworks/libraries since last 10 years.

We can see that as these UI MVVC libraries/frameworks came into picture around 2013 the drop of Jquery usage has started. And after angular 2 came angularjs usage started dropping.

From the above graph both react and Angular are at the same phase.

So now Reactjs vs Angular ?

Basically am an angular developer but I think react has better future than angular since it reduces learning curve of developers and with react-native single code base can be used across the platforms. This could be very sweet sound for business. since, Now a days user base any business targeting is spread across many platforms running on different types of devices. So if a single react code base can be able to handle all the platforms then the business don’t have to spend money and time for developing their product for each platform separately. And the by product of all these is less development time, less testing and finally less BUGs.

One more possible main reason for react growth is that angular version 1–2 switch took major toll on angular developer base, because angular 2 just invalidated all the angularjs knowledge/expertise they have gained so far. and all the angularjs developers has to re-learn angular 2 and typescript along with it.

So a typical decision maker would definitely considers the thought that what if Angular comes up with breaking changes again ? (as they have done it already). And as we know already any business prefers stability.

Even though the new hypothetical features takes the product development to whole new level, still the decision makers would vote for consistency rather than fancy.

If you agree or disagree with my opinion ? please let me know in the comments.