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I hope everyone reading this is safe and sound.

Now a days there is a lot of uncertainty in almost all the sectors. Unfortunately which directly effects employment. Recently I’m reading many posts and comments in social networking sites about layoffs from people who lost their jobs. It’s so nice of them that they are not blaming their employer or situation. they are just trying to find a job. If you come across any such post please do not scroll down, do something in your power to help them. even if it is as simple as liking or sharing. it might do some good to them you never know.

Here I’m listing about all the unpopular and decent genuine websites which offers job search services. Unlike monster, Indeed, timejobs or other similar sites most of these are startups and joined in the game in current decade. And they do better filtering and they focus on specific types of jobs instead of dumping everything in one website.

For example lists jobs from only startups.

1. InstaHyre

Instahyre has clean user interface, their step by step on-boading is good and they claim 2000+ companies post about open positions.

You can use LinkedIn or google social signin to login, But If you are active in linkedIn then I would recommend signing up with linkedIn. Since it saves a lot of time in account creation process by pre-populating all the information from linkedIn.


If you are a startup enthusiastic then I would suggest this website. It has A-Z information of jobs in startups.

From seed funding companies to companies about to list in stock market, you can find almost all the companies here. Good thing about working in startup is that they offer competitive pay for right skill-set. And other advantage is that you will be around founders most of the time to see and observe what it takes to be a startup founder. Which might help in planning your future. Let’s not go there 🙂 but my point here is that if you have zeal and energy to work in a startup then you can find your next employer here in

3. StackOverflow

Stackoverflow is a godfather for technical solutions, if you are an IT engineer/Software developer then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, most of us refer stackoverflow for only technical solutions, but what we don’t know is that there is a jobs section in the site and some of the jobs postings are completely remote with really competitive pay. And they are posting these remote jobs since way before COVID-19.

One best thing about these companies here is that they are very responsive. I mean, if your profile is not matched their requirement or you are not selected for your technical incompetency, they’ll reply same in a polite manner. a much required trait which is missing in most of the HR’s in MNC companies.

4. roundone

This is my favorite website so far, because there is no such website that I know of offers this service.

Here you can find referral to almost all the MNCs. i.e If you are an experienced person and looking to switch from current company. then here you can find referral into that company. How cool it is?

There is a nominal fee that needs to be paid to referrer. But when all of the job search websites couldn’t find openings in your favorite company, here you might find an internal posting that no one is aware of. 😉

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most professional site in the internet. and there is lot of effort goes into it to keep it that way.

If you have an account, actually you don’t have to do much. All you can do is ensure your profile is genuine and impressive. Recruiters from actual companies (not consultancy agents) will ping you asking about whether you are interested to join in their company.

Like this one for example.

Apart from profile alone, you can go to jobs section in linkedIn and search with your skills or company name to find relevant positions to apply for. For time being if you couldn’t find openings for your skillset you can atleast find recruiters or employees from companies to ask them about any internal positions.

Here is my profile if you want to connect with me or want me to review your profile.

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor website is mainly collects company reviews and salary information from current/ex-employees in anonymous way. Now they started job postings as well. Personally I never tried this website but from the looks of it I think we can trust this site. And its been a while they are in reviews business.

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For some reason I don’t trust or prefer moster, naukri, timesjobs, indeed and shine websites, They probably have helped many people to find jobs but I don’t find them trust-able or don’t see authenticity of their service when I land in these sites. I tried unsubscribing couple of times from these websites long back and it shows unsubscribed successfully when i do, but still I get unrelated and relevant job postings into my mailbox. Apart from these things, If you apply for 100 jobs in one of these sites there is little hope that you might hear back from 1 or 2.

As far as I’m concerned whenever we land in a job repository/directory website we should get a feeling of trust and authenticity of their service. Otherwise I would recommend not creating account with them. Since there is no point of sharing all of your personal and career related information with them.

Thank you.

If you know any other genuine job repository please post in the comments below or share with me in linkedin. If i find it interesting then I would add them to the above list.